Very nice review in Chezh hifi resource:

Beauty products Chisto not miraculous - they are doing what they should, therefore clean your plate from the most deprived to the most completely new, consistently, we were able to observe a quieter, less crackling and therefore more enjoyable reproduction and, like the cosmetics classic - no need to have it and use it, but if you want the best feeling you want to keep more healthy if their portable and simply want everything to be as it should be, try Easy Groove . First Spray & Wipe for manual cleaning and then quietly one of the concentrates, because all work well either when hand washing or using a mechanical washing machine.

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Easy Groove Spray&Wipe review in austrian Sempre Audio portlal.


Oliver Mally mit Chisto Easy Groove Spray and Wipe Breit



Austrian blues super star Oliver Mally shines here....

"Chisto Easy Groove Spray & Wipe with us has really blossomed into everyday cleaning solution required is used in each new record. Consequently, the small vial is always next to the turntable, especially since it's amazing quality "packaged" for such a solution.
The Good
Very easy to handle
Antistatic effect
resolves slight soiling very effective
dries quickly and free of debris"
The Bad
No apparent disadvantage


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We just received a review from Danon Han Hong Den, a Malaysian audio hi-end influential reviewer. 

Danon transcendentally noticed CHISTO's hidden aim : not only clean but not to harm a record. 


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"Chisto Easy Groove has two types: the immediate Spray and Wipe, and the Concentrate. The immediate Spray and Wipe is to be used as the name suggest. I tried it on a number of new sealed and used LPs, I found that it immediately gave a clarity and improved detail over all presentation. You will and can hear the effect.

As for the Concentrate version, I tried it against the other liquids in hand, The Disc Doctor and MintLP, I prefer the Chisto. The Chisto does not leave a shine on the LP as the Disc Doctor will. The MintLP tends to make the cleaned LP to sound a bit veiled (to my taste). The Chisto is able to bring out more clarity and detail out than the abovementioned liquids. I can hear inner detail being brought out to light. The dynamic slam is more taut and faster.
Of course, I realized the Chisto Liquids do not bring out what is not there in the grooves but they made me realized how much I have missed without them...enjoy"



Reviewed by Greg Carrier for Steve Hoffman Music Forums, January 2012

Chisto Disk Analoguer

Chisto Disk Analoguer is a product that you spray on the data side of a digital disc (then wipe dry with an included cloth). The claim is that it makes the disc sound more "analog." I had read some positive reviews about a similar disc treatment, Mobile Fidelity's Shine-Ola. I was curious. I ordered the Disk Analoguer.

I was able to find a couple of sets duplicate discs in my collection to use for testing. For one, Duncan Sheik's Phantom Moon, I had two identical copies. For another, CSN&Y's Deja Vu, I had two different pressings of the same mastering. I listened closely to the discs and didn't hear any differences between either pair. (I know that some people can hear differences in different CD pressings of the same mastering -- Barry Diament says he can, and I don't discount that. I have little doubt that Barry's ears, and his hardware, are much better than mine, however.)

I applied the product to one disc in each pair, and listened again. To my ear, the treated copy in each case sounds different -- smoother, a more "round" sound. In other words, more like analog. I wouldn't say the difference was dramatic, but it wasn't hard to hear it, either. When I did a blind test (I shuffled the discs myself, purposely not thinking about which was which), it was easy to identify the treated disc in each case. But I still wasn't sure that it was all in my head.

So, I tried it on my wife. She's musical, played several instruments when she was younger, and likes music, but isn't a serious collector or an audiophile in any way. I think she has a pretty good ear. I told her about the product and what it was supposed to do. I played her both pairs of discs. In both cases, she quickly identified a difference in the discs, and without prompting, described the difference pretty much the same way as I did -- the treated disc having a smoother, rounder sound. She easily guessed which disc was treated in each case.

My conclusion is that this product does seem to have an effect on the way the disc sounds. I've heard all the arguments that these products are snake oil, and that the digital data retrieval process isn't affected by products like this -- and to the degree I understand those arguments, they make sense to me. Still, I was curious enough to spend some money on this to try it out, and I think it works. My wife, who isn't the least bit interested in justifying my purchase, backs it up (I chalk up her preference for the untreated discs to personal taste). I don't think it makes my CDs sound like vinyl, but I do think it makes them sound MORE like vinyl.

I am not affiliated with this company or anybody who works for them. They aren't paying me anything to post this. I thought for a few days about posting, knowing it will probably start some kind of heated discussion about disc treatment products. But I believe that some of you who are willing to give this a try might be glad you did, so I wanted to share what I found. Of course, your results might be different, and I don't assume any responsibility for the effectiveness of this product. I'm just passing along my experience. Take it for what it's worth.


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Chisto Easy Groove and Hi End Show Gloss

I already wrote about Chisto products here. This time mastermind Yuri is bringing us two new products Chisto Easy Groove and Hi End Show Gloss.
Clean hifi with Hi End Show Gloss
Dust, fingerfints, stains and all other sorts of visual packe are never friends of any hifi lover, that cherish highly their objects of musical desire, what to talk about us reviewers, testers and everybody, that not only deals daily with sound, but also with aesthetic part of high-end audio gear.
We're all accustom to "high-end" gear best friends. There are simply no way we can always use by modus operandi famous so highend white gloves. They might come handy for the initial openings, setting the gear, but often they might also dangerous in our dealings with moving them around due the testing phase. Slippery slip and we're out of luck. Ever happened to you?
Meet the new buddy of mine and it could be yours too soon. Read on... Hi End Gloss. There is no magic behind it, but simply well figured out cleaning solution. Hi End Gloss comes handy not only with high-end gear, but also with LCD screens, on my BlackBerry, Macbook Air and iMac and so one.
We all know the drill. Use two or three sprays of Hi End Gloss and wipe it out with enclosed cloth. It works, it cleans and it will help in keeping the dust away for a little time. Summing? It works.

Chisto Lp Vinyl Soulution

Vinyl is my passion and as it shows lately, that even youngsters are catching up with it. Nothing keeps my hearth in the loving beat as seeing this happening. Am I getting older and feel retro about it? No! It just shows, that some sort culture is happening. Buying vinyl means that people are feeling different about music. All the digital revolution is great, but holding and having a physical object is something different. Who know, maybe future will bring some sort of high-end USB flash drives with high-res master tape files in unique sort of material presence, that will feels the same. Digital audio is changing so fast and yet we're still hankering for some sort of physical medium to stay. We'll see...
Cleaning vinyl can be one of the nasty parts of dealing with this medium. For some it's already a ritual, that give no second thoughts, but it might push people away from this sort of enjoying the music. As long as vinyl exists there were numerous school to thought in the matter of cleaning it properly. So what is right? What works for you might not be even a consideration for other vinyl enthusiasts. I'll try to keep it simple. Both old and new records are subjects of different kid of naughty dust. So, before each listening we're bound to wipe this sucker away from our bellowed black discs. After using it on daily basis I can recommend it being used as following. Spray it gently on the vinyl surface and wipe the dust and other unwanted micro particles first counterclockwise and then in opposite direction. Leave it for few seconds and then use finest record brush you money flow allows to. Do not use too much of cleaning fluid. Just a gentle spray, brushed the working side of and employ the brush.
Simple and a matter of few strokes. Once you do this often enough, you just forget thinking about it and it becomes a part of listening to vinyl. Cleaning even gives kind of romantic feeling and involvement into listening.
I'm using both Chisto products regular. Chisto Easy Groove is my daily buddy in my pleasures of analogue seduction. They are both cost effective "soulutions" for every music, audiophile and gear lover.
Mono & Stereo Matej Isak's recommendation.

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Matej Isak,

Black Analoguer And Disk Analoguer.

rick analoguerAnaloguer and its companion Disk Analoguer, possibly from a company called Chisto. Who knows?rick analoguer They come from my friend Jean-Pierre in Montreal. Two 100ml (3.4 fluid ounce) spray bottles of clear liquid that are essentially liquid DACs for CDs, DVDs, SACD and Blu-Ray discs. You give one spray of the Black Analoguer to the label side and one spray of the Disk Analoguer to the silver side, wiping the spray from the center hole toward the edge of the disc with a special Evolon cloth that is both washable and reusable until the surface is dry. No, it does not convert your silver discs into black LPs, but it sure sounds that way. Shaking the bottles creates tiny soap-like bubbles inside, suggesting a surfactant for whatever the liquid is. The Black Analoguer is probably designed not to dissolve the label — I didn't test this theory.

But if you're wondering if you could get away with just the Disc Analoguer and forego the Black stuff on the label side, I did some comparisons. After listening to the untreated CD I sprayed the Disk Analoguer side only and listened again. There was a substantial improvement with just treating the silver side of the disc. Then I treated the label side with the Black Analoguer and listened again. It does indeed provide more improvement, but not twice as good. The law of diminishing returns sets in. Then I reversed the test with another CD, listening first then treating the label side only. Again, there was a substantial improvement. Then I treated the silver side, and again experienced improvement, but not violating the law of diminishing returns. Thereafter I treated both sides of each CD after sampling songs from the untreated disc. Every time the music became more analog-like, leaving only the benefits of digital to enjoy. Better focus led to greater transparency. The delicate nuances of vocals and the decay of instrumental notes revealed textures where none had been before. Listening was a lot closer to Being There.

It was as if each CD had been transformed into an expensive Re-mastered Gold Edition. Or on the hardware side, as if the Calyx DAC I have in for review was magically reincarnated as a Berkley Alpha DAC. That's a difference of $3200, making the return on investment HUGE!

Not bad for a product that basically removes mold release agent, fingerprints and static. (I didn't test for peanut butter and jelly). These bottles will fit into your Christmas stocking very nicely and you will be hard pressed to pull yourself away from the music for Christmas dinner. ($45 each/individually or $78 for the set).

Jean-Pierre tells me Chisto also offers Easy Groove, a great anti-static and cleaning solution for vinyl which might also be worth trying. ($45)

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"Anyway, as far as I can judge Easy Groove seems harmelessly neutral, and it doesn't cost several thousands of euros like my cleaning devices. Plus it can always be applied, as I did, to the centres of the vinyls while playing them, to reduce statics. Easy Groove worked well in that capacity."
"While writing this review I used Show Gloss to my iMac's big screen and guess what, it worked really well. I will now clean my other macs as well. But the story gets more interesting. Christo's products like the Show Gloss reduce overall statics of the system as well. I sprayed my iMac, all the visible cables and DACs etc. being extra careful NOT TO SPRAY parts that lead to wall outlets, etc. This time too, the subjective effect was immediate."

Inner Magazine.

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Kai Ekholm, Inner Magazine, Finland

the two Chisto's lotions will have a permanent place in my tool box. Highly recommended.

...Analoguer be very effective in its primary task: just as the manufacturer predicted, even brand new cd's left grey mark (dirt) on the cloth. Subjectively the two lotions worked surprisingly well together, meaning that I generally liked the sound after the treatment more than before it.
...The Black Analoguer in particular appeared to be an effective poison for digital bitches.

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Kai Ekholm, Inner Magazine, Finland

"As I said, something changed and changed for good without placebo effect.

...While all the sublime changes in sound can be based on different and often altered states of mind, I must say I felt that something did happen to the way I perceived the music from my CD's with Chisto doing their magic. With DVD's and Blu-ray' it is often easy to see visual improvements. Withing audio and music those distinctions are sharper and harder to experience. I can stand behind all the technological benefits of both Analoguer and the Black Analoguer without a doubt, but for audible changes you'll simply have to trust my "sharp" ears or try it for yourself.

Full review here

Matej Isak,

"Disk Detox!

...I was surprised therefore when a quick spray with the Analoguer resuscitated a copy of Norah Jones' first album that I had thought was beyond redemption.
... I found that on virtually all my CDs the spray made a difference. It seemed to enhance the detail in the soundstage, bringing out a little more depth in reverberation, a little more clarity in the separation of instruments making the overall presentation a little smoother.
...The treatment seemed to tighten the bass and add a little more clarity to the treble, making a triangle part more audible and distinct. Then a Ry Cooder album - where the track "Down in Hollywood" seemed to gain an extra bit of funkiness as it became easier to separate out the individual instruments from a fairly chunky mix. The overall feeling of ambience in recordings seemed to be clearer.
Chisto Disk Analoguer review by TNT Audio

Andy Norman - TNT-AUDIO.COM