How to clean vinyl records?

We offer simple and effective spray&wipe solution.

Easy Groove clean all types of records from LP to ancient, but lovely 78 RPM shellacs. Quick and convenient way to keep your records at its best and prolong lifespan of your cartridge.

We recommend to treat even brand new records as they have MRA (mould release agent) that makes sound muddy.

We included Chisto Duster absolutely free to be used as probably the best record brush and also as cleaning activator.

How special is Easy Groove solution?

It is all about right chemistry and right concentration.

Right chemistry? Yes, we revise it every year as soon as chemical industry offers new components. Actually other vendors do not revise its solutions for decades.

Easy Groove includes  a very effective antistatic agent that is a must for proper vinyl records cleaning.

Right concentration? Yes, a solution must not only clean well but not stay in the grooves attracting later more and more dust.

That is the main difference from homemade recipes you can find searching the internet. 

Also Easy Groove is the only fluid on the market EG that is antibacterial and fungicide.


Get rid of dust using included Chisto Duster.

Spray on a record surface.

Activate with Chisto Applicator.

Wipe off  with included ultra-fine  "silk" cloth (washable and reusable) until dry.

Repeat on another side.

Store in antistatic sleeves. Enjoy.

What is included

100 ml natural spray bottle
Chisto Duster aka "Fur coat"
Chisto Applicator
Ulltrafine microfiber "silk" cloth (washable and reusable).


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