1. Chisto Easy Groove Super Set among stylish audiophile gifts

    Chisto Easy Groove Super Set among stylish audiophile gifts Read more...
  2. Easy Groove Extreme Mk. II

    Easy Groove Extreme Mk. II

    Chisto, a worldwide leader in audio cosmetics, revised its professional pre-wash Extreme product.

  3. Chisto Easy Groove review

    Chisto Easy Groove review

    We just received a review from Danon Han Hong Den, a Malaysian audio hi-end influential reviewer. Danon transcendentally noticed CHISTO's hidden aim : not only clean but not to harm a record.

  4. Chisto in Taiwan

    Chisto in Taiwan

    Now you can order and enjoy our products in Taiwan.

    No.15, Ln. 248, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    電話:+886 2778 9007
    手機:+886 988 715 813 

  5. Chisto in Hong Kong

    Chisto in Hong Kong

    Now you can order and enjoy our products in Hong Kong, China.

    Shop B6, Prosperity Bldg., 6A-E Nelson Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    TELEPHONE: +852 31713688 / +86 13049382888

  6. review

    Very nice review in Chezh hifi resource:

    Beauty products Chisto not miraculous - they are doing what they should, therefore clean your plate from the most deprived to the most completely new, consistently, we were able to observe a quieter, less crackling and therefore more enjoyable reproduction and, like the cosmetics classic - no need to have it and use it, but if you want the best feeling you want to keep more healthy if their portable and simply want everything to be as it should be, try Easy Groove . First Spray & Wipe for manual cleaning and then quietly one of the concentrates, because all work well either when hand washing or using a mechanical washing machine.

    Original link here

  7. New Easy Groove Upgrade

    New Easy Groove Upgrade

    Chisto upgraded its Easy Groove Spray&Wipe product.

  8. Audio Video Show Prague 2016

    Meet us at the room 360 ( Walter Kircher) at Audio Video Show Prague 2016 11-12/03/16 in a nice company of following brands: Accustic Arts, Blumenhofer Acoustics, Cammino, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Totem Acoustics, Trafomatic Audio, Symposium Acoustics

  9. Sempre Audio review

    Sempre Audio review

    The Good

    Very easy to handle
    Antistatic effect
    resolves slight soiling very effective
    dries quickly and free of debris"

    The Bad
    No apparent disadvantage
  10. Disk Analoguer review by Greg Carrier for Steve Hoffman Music Forums

    My conclusion is that this product does seem to have an effect on the way the disc sounds. I've heard all the arguments that these products are snake oil, and that the digital data retrieval process isn't affected by products like this -- and to the degree I understand those arguments, they make sense to me. Still, I was curious enough to spend some money on this to try it out, and I think it works. My wife, who isn't the least bit interested in justifying my purchase, backs it up (I chalk up her preference for the untreated discs to personal taste). I don't think it makes my CDs sound like vinyl, but I do think it makes them sound MORE like vinyl.

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